My Story

My belief is that we all have unique gifts that we need to share with the world to bring balance. There is no competition… I like networking and assisting others in finding their connections, resources and leads to wellbeing. We’re all unique and so are our needs.

I’m an Equine Gestalt Coach with many different skills. My background includes being of East German descent, building and trusting my intuition by working with animals in the veterinary field, with the deceased as a death investigator, with spirits of the deceased, discovering and resolving my own DNA/Ancestral and cultural family trauma and more.

There are many fields I have been part of and have an understanding in. Including but not limited to military, veterans, war trauma, abuse, survival patterns and more. All of my life experiences helped me solve my own puzzle of who I am and that assists me in listening to others who don’t have a voice or have not been heard.

What I know for sure is that the trauma people take to the grave is not gone…it’s passed onto future generations to deal with. I’m a living example.

I have worked on my own family’s generational trauma, their secrets, unspoken messages, addictions and diseases and have learned much about the patterns…I brought their untold stories to the light for healing. Doing this healing work for myself and with others creates a ripple effect within our communities, our cultures, societies and countries.

“The dead are invisible, they are not absent.” – St. Augustine

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“Heike’s deep sense of her own spirituality and ancestral history inform her coaching on a profound level. She is able to see through layers of her client’s physical, aural, ethereal and energetic fields. The result is a transformational experience unlike any other EGC coach I have known. To sit with Heike is otherworldly, profound, unforgettable.”

Nelle R., Wisconsin

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